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Universal HDMI to VGA Adapter with Audio, Black

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TRANSPORT HDMI (M/F) TO VGAThe ultimate update for your legacy VGA devices, the Universal HDMI to VGA Adapter allows you to seamlessly stream content from HDMI devices like Chromecast, Apple TV and other HDMI-capable devices to your projector, TV or other VGA display. Unlike other VGA adapters, it adapts to both HDMI-M and HDMI-F connectors without skipping a beat. What’s more, it includes an audio cable, to bring sound to your VGA device, perhaps for the very first time. HDMI-M + HDMI-F COMPATIBLEIncludes adapters for both HDMI-M devices (such as Apple TV), and HDMI-F (such as Chromecast) to connect flawlessly to your projector. WIRELESS PRESENTATIONModernize legacy projectors and televisions with the Universal HDMI to VGA Adapter. It’s purpose-built to work flawlessly with the latest developments in mobile mirroring and streaming technology. THE SOUND OF PROGRESSVGA connections only carry visual information. The included audio cable ensures your content arrives complete with sound

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Dimensioner 3 × 11 × 15 cm