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UE MEGABOOM 3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Night Black

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Portable wireless Bluetooth® speaker: super-powerful and immersive 360° sound, thundering bass, water, dust & drop proof, and stunning high-performance fabric. It’s the ultimate speaker, redefined. LOUD AND TRUEMEGABOOM 3 features powerful, immersive sound. But it’s also carefully balanced and perfectly clear. Featuring Ultimate Ears unique sound processing, it produces audio faithful to the music you love, and at every volume level. SPATIAL 360° SOUNDIn MEGABOOM 3 we’ve perfected the iconic cylindrical design we pioneered to deliver immersive, stereophonic audio that radiates evenly in all directions. THUNDERING BASSMEGABOOM 3’s extra size and larger woofer create intense bass you can both hear and feel – 50% deeper than BOOM. But unlike most other portable speakers, it’s true to your music. No exaggeration or distortion.

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Vikt 2 g
Dimensioner 14 × 14 × 24 cm

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