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Smart Bulb G95 CCT Filament (E27), Smokey

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The smokey-coloured Hombli Smart Filament Bulb G95 as an eye catching vintage design that fits well in any room. The smart lights produce a warm white glow that immediately brightens up your bedroom, living room or kitchen. You only need your smartphone and the Hombli app to directly connect the smart led lights to your Wi-Fi network. A hub or other extra accessory is not needed. After installing the smart bulb you’re able to control your smart lights from anywhere, anytime. Quick and easy installationSrew the smart filament bulb into an E27 fitting and select the bulb in the Hombli app to pair it to your Wi-Fi network (2.4GHz). You don’t need an extra bridge or hub. Follow the rest of the instructions in the app to successfully install your smart lights. Control with your smartphoneIn the Hombli app you easily switch your smart lights on, adjust the hue of your lights, dim them or create customized scenarios. Wherever you are and whenever you like. Enjoy the comfort of

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Dimensioner 10 × 10 × 15 cm