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LTO 5 Ultrium 1,5-3,0TB Standard Pack

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LTO 5 Ultrium 1,5-3,0TB Standard Pack Fujifilm LTO Ultrium 5 media is the latest midrange data storage product to use Fujifilm’s proprietary NANOCUBIC thin-film coating process to reach the higher capacity and quality levels currently only found in enterprise-class systems. The LTO technology is a powerful, scalable, adaptable open tape format developed and continuously enhanced to help address the growing demands of data protection in the midrange to enterprise-class server environments. In addition, LTO Ultrium 5 technology offers AES 256-bit encryption capability that increases the performance value of tape storage in terms of security, and reinforces its importance as a reliable high-performance storage solution. Features: High capacity and amazing transfer rates Capacity: 3.0TB (Compressed) / 1.5TB (Native) Transfer speed: 280MB/second (Compressed); 140MB/second (Native) Enhanced durability Encrypted for security Made possible by

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