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Kensington Screen Filter HP EliteX2 1012 G2 2-w. perm

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Protect the sensitive information on your laptop screen with a Kensington Privacy Screen Filter. Block wandering eyes and keep your data protected. Designed for HP Elite X2 1012 G2 – Limits viewing angle to 30° and keeps your sensitive information safe from visual hacking – Reduces harmful blue light by up to 45% which decreases eye strain – Innovative anti-glare coating reduces reflection and improves clarity – Anti-fingerprint coating keeps your screen clean and free of greasy marks – Edge to edge alignment for perfect fit with your screen – Protect confidential information while travelling or working outside of the office, supporting GDPR compliance -Visit to ensure you select the correct privacy screen for your device – HP Elite X2 1012 G2 – Laptop – 2-way adhesive – 12.3″

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Dimensioner 36 × 26 cm