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Kensington Laptop Riser Wireless Charg.

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Combining comfort and convenience, the award-winning SmartFit® Laptop Riser with Wireless Phone Charging Pad blends 20 years of ergonomic expertise with the latest in reliable wireless charging technology. Lift your laptop up to eye level to relieve neck and back strain, then use the lower platform to wirelessly charge your phone. The SmartFit® system allows you to find your personal comfort color and self-fit the riser to your ideal height. It also utilizes Zero Footprint mounting so you can mount any compatible Kensington universal dock underneath the laptop platform, keeping your desktop less cluttered.- Qi Inductive Charging technology lets you wirelessly power a compatible phone simply by placing it on the charging pad- SmartFit® System allows you to find your personal comfort color for optimal ergonomics- 4 available height settings- Zero footprint mounting allows you to mount a compatible Kensington universal dock under the laptop platform- Cable management under the

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