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Black ribbon Standard resin 110mm x 450m 8-pack

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Brother Standard Resin ribbons for 4-inch label printers Black ribbon standard resin 110mm x 450m. Box of 8 ribbons. Compatible with Brother 4-inch industrial label printers TJ-4020TN/ TJ-4120TN/ TJ-4021TN/ TJ-4121TN. Resin ribbons are recomende to use to print high-grade industrial materials such as fabric, leather, synthetic resin and product label outdoor, regular transport and in terms of pressure, heat, freezing resin is recomended. Resin are melting at highest temperature. Benefits: abrasion resistant, chemical resistance, solvent resistance is very high. Withstand the harshest conditions of the environment such as temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.

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Dimensioner 8 × 11 × 8 cm